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About this Initiative

Everything started with a simple idea, but later on and thanks to the vision and mission of two industry leaders, this project got shape and it was possible to launch it within Costa Rica. That is why throughout a strategic alliance, between ŠTÍT CYBERSECURITY, a consulting firm company specialized in cybersecurity, and the Universidad LATINA de Costa Rica, a wide three-level certification content program was developed, to cover ethical principles and values, talks about professionalism, excellence, and aspects about regulatory and compliance frameworks we need to comply and follow within the business world.

The first level of this program is the FOUNDATION certification, that belongs to the Corporate Social Responsibility project, and thanks to the collaboration and support of the Ministry of Public Education (MEP) is possible to provide specific awareness and training to students from high schools with technical education (CTPs), through a practical workshop with real and common scenarios inherent to the exercise of the profession.

So, we have been holding an annual event at the ULATINA auditorium in San Pedro, San José, Costa Rica, where we convoke several young students studying new emerging technologies such as cybersecurity, data analytics, artificial intelligence and other IT specialities related, across the whole country.


Additionally, we expanded the scope with the INTERMEDIATE and PROFESSIONAL certifications, where we aim to train advanced university-level students and professionals with vast working experience, in topics of greater depth and weight such as international regulations, ethics for organizational sustainability, legal frameworks, culture of integrity, computer crimes, reputation, among many other content.

Participants Hall of Fame

+300 students and teachers

have been impacted, across all provinces of Costa Rica, since 2022 with this initiative.



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